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THICKET launch Windsor(ia)

I am delighted to be launching Thicket at the origin. Not only in my hometown of Windsor, Ontario, this launch is also at the cafe where about eighty percent of the manuscript was born! Join myself, Stephen Pender and Kate Hargreaves at Taloola Cafe (396 Devonshire Rd, Windsor, ON) this Friday, 8pm for a few poems and some kinship.

The people that I have asked to read with me are all very special.

In some way, we have crossed paths in the thicket, and have become friends.

In most cases, each person has been a maker of this book.

In these two cases, Stephen was one of my first and most crucial readers and editors of Thicket. His eye was pivotal in the shaping of this book.

Kate designed the masterful cover for Thicket, and is a celebrated poet in her own right.

I notice it is other poets who conspire to make books of poems. Go grateful.

I am delighted to hear both of these great humans read from their work.

Stephen Pender is professor English at the University of Windsor, and an intellectual historian of early modern Europe, c. 1450 to 1740.  He has published work in several journals and collections of essays, including A Cultural History of the Emotions, A Cultural History of the Senses, The Seventeenth Century, Early Science and Medicine, The British Journal for the History of Science, Rhetorica, Philosophy and Rhetoric, and is finishing a book entitled Therapy and the Passions: Rhetoric, Medicine, and Moral Philosophy in Early Modern England [Cambridge University Press, 2020].

Kate Hargreaves is a writer, book designer, and academic writing advisor living in Windsor. She is the author of a book of poetry, a children's novel, and a book of prose vignettes, and her writing has appeared in journals across Canada and in the U.S. In her spare time, she plays roller derby, rides bicycles, and manages an Instagram page for her cat. Find her writing and book design online at

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