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Berlin to the West

Thicket's tour has taken me around the globe, from the cool streets of Detroit and Berlin to the middle of the west coast forest. I am home now and happy that I was able to read in so many wonderful places—to so many wonderful people. I was thankful to share the stage with a whole lot of great poets: Lynn Crawford, Leto Rankine, Anna Vitale, Kate Heargraves, Stephen Pender, Catherine Black, Adele Barclay, John Luna. Such stellar writers and wonderful humans.

Thicket, Taloola

MOCAD, Detroit—after launch tour

Reading at MOCAD, Detroit

MOCAD, Detroit

I was really blessed to feel the care and love of each venue that had me as well! MOCAD, Taloola Cafe, KFB, Hopscotch, Massy Books, Munro's Books and the Copper Owl were all amazing hosts, and all made me feel special and heard. So, thanks! Each venue loves books and writers and are all worth an afternoon visit for gallery viewing and book shopping (except for the Copper Owl, that is a night time go check out bands type of place, located in an old motel).

Hopscotch, Berlin.

I feel as though it is the entire whole of this experience that adds up to the trajectory of Thicket in the world, as each place layers and mingles into an overall impression, laced with old friends and new, new readings of the text, and threads that found their way into each reading, connecting geography.

Hopscotch, Berlin. Ashtray.

A book tour is never what you think it will be, but becomes everything that you didn't know that you would love as it unfolds. I thank everyone who came and supported Thicket from the bottom of my heart. So many wonderful reunions with friends from my life on the coast. Heartfelt notes as folks make their way through the text. Gifts wrapped in cedar. Just everything. I couldn't be happier with the whole thing.

Hopscotch, Berlin

Kirby's amazing display of Thicket at kfb, Toronto.

KFB, Toronto

Massy Books, Vancouver

Copper Owl, Victoria

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